A few decades back, foreigners like Rick Briggs of USA , studied Sanskrit and declared that this language had a logical meaning structure that it could be a rich mining field for Artificial Intelligence (AI)and after that several attempts were made to link Sanskrit language and computer logic, by some foreign Universities. Even now that type of work is going on, in one way or the other, in several Indian institutions like IITs AND IIITs

I-SERVE has studied several of these approaches and started to work on a different line of thought on the subject. Since the structure of Sanskrit language has a great logical base and since this logic is perfectly reflected in the Sanskrit Grammar of Paanini (3rd Century B.C) , an attempt is being made to replace the present Arithmatical logic unit by a Paninian logic unit.

The algorithms developed on Paninian logic have tentatively proved that, this logic, if developed fully, is capable of enhancing the capacity of a computer.

There are yet many bottle necks to be solved and the project, a long drawn one by its very nature, is progressing slowly, but steadily.