Indian Astronomy is said to be very advanced in giving precise description of the sizes, motions, orbits etc., of the celestial bodies. It is said that there were lots of books on this subject in ancient India, but at present only a few of them are available. Cosmology is a subject related to this and comparatively less number of books are available on this subject. It is established by some modern professors that some of the astronomical formulae given by ancient Indians are more accurate than the modern ones.

Discussions on the origin and evolution the Universe are available in many of the Puranas and some chapters of the Vedas. Several classical works exclusively on this subject, reported to be existing in ancient times, are unfortunately not available today. However, the information available in the available references itself is startling and deserves deep study. If we successfully secure the missing links in the text books available, we can get some new clues which are not known even to modern cosmology.

R&D Projects undertaken are  

(i) Almanac related Astronomy – a comparative study between the ancient & modern methods

(ii) Translation of Aadbhuta Sagar written by Ballalasena of 11th Century A.D.This is a great astronomical and astrological work which can be compared to the illustrious Brihat Samhita of Varaha Mihira. Infact, this work contains better, varied and systematized information when compared to Brihat Samhita. Its English translation is not available so far and I-SERVE has taken up this work, so that further comparative studies on this subject can be pursued in due course.

(iii) Some more are under consideration.

R&D Papers 
Astronomy – an Overview by Prof.K.Sankara SastryView