Ancient mathematics is one of the Vedic sciences, a bit of which is yet alive in the form of tradition and the manuscripts, while a lot is lost. Out of the available material and sources of the Vedic mathematics, the only area where we can feel proud of today is, perhaps, the three dimensional geometry (Goladhyaya) and the Astronomy. Even though there is no hope of over taking modern mathematics, a study to the depths of Vedic mathematics is capable of giving clues about the natural mathematics followed by the brains of infants, animals, insects etc. The present day mathematics, however advanced it may be, is growing more and more complex and seems to be drifting away from the systems of natural mathematics. We hope that the study of Vedic mathematics may reward us with at least a few startling principals of natural mathematics.

• Many people, now a days are under the impression that the set of 16 formulae proposed by Sri Bharati Krishna Tirtha Swamiji is the whole and sole of Vedic Mathematics.
• However, these 16 formulae contain surprisingly simple techniques of arithmetic’s, basic algebra and basic geometry.
• Apart from this, we have mathematics form

(1) Sulba Sutras (800 BC, according to Western experts.) and they deal with the geometrical aspects of Fire pits and Yagna Salas etc.,  
(2) References of astronomical calculations in Rigveda.  
(3) Geometry of Tantra sastra, (in the context of constructing yantras etc.)  
(4) 3D spherical geometry of Jyotisha Sastra.  
R&D Projects undertaken  R&D Papers 
(i) R&D on Vedic Mathematics of Sri Bharati Krishna Teertha and preparing authentic books on Vedic Maths for the use of students.
  (ii) R&D on applying the formulas of Sri Bharati Krishna Teertha present computer, to achieve faster working of the system.
(iii) R&D on the mathematics available in Jyotisha Sastra & Tantra Saastra to bring out higher ancient mathematics.
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