Ayurveda is an age old and time tested system of medicine, backed by a perfect system of logical theory. Yet, the challenges of modern medical requirements are to be properly surveyed and the ability of Ayurveda to tackle these challenges scientifically is to be evaluated properly. The Ayurvedic system should not only be able to equip itself to suite this challenge but also it should be able to convince the modern world in this regard. To achieve this, Ayurveda should be studied and researched with inter-disciplinary cooperation. Added to this, a thorough research into the missing links of Ayurveda should be made. This is possible only when further research on Ayurvedic manuscripts, published or unpublished, is taken up seriously. It is with this purpose that I-SERVE has established an Ayurvedic research center, supported by a Free Ayurvedic Dispensary.

The methodology chosen for this purpose is :

(a) To study Ayurveda both from the traditional as well as modern angles.
(b) To Compare the medicinal references in Vedas & Puranas with the classical texts of Ayurveda.
(c) To compare the classical texts with the modern medicine.
(d) To study prehistoric medicinal methods and so on

Preliminary work done:
• A special study of Adharvana Veda for medicinal references.
• Translation of the medical section of Ravana Samhita, an age old treatise
• Search of Puranas for medicinal references

R&D Projects undertaken are:

 (i) Contributions of Nagarjuna in the Field of Indian Alchemy
(ii) Isolation of compounds and microbial examination of microbial characteristics of Strychnios nuxvomica (Vishamusti) for treatment of Diabetes mellitus the common disease in the globe 
(iii) Generating evidence base on Vataari Rasa for Sandhivaatha (osteo arthiritis) 
(iv) Medicinal References in Adharvana Veda 
(v) Anti Microbial properties of selected Kashayams (Decoctions & immuno modulatory effect with respect to microbial activity) 
(vi) Medicinal references in Tantrik Literature Translation evaluation and Publication 
(vii) Critical study of Ravana Samhita in treatment of diseases Special reference to Garbhini Chikitsa 
(viii) Bhavishya Purana etc., in the treatment and relief from poisons 
(ix) Applications of computer search Drives for Devanagari Scripts for Sushruta Samhita 
(x) Project on R&D of Herbal Names and Their relevances on Ramayana & Mahabharata Characters 
(xi) Generating evidence base drug Medo Vriddhi chikitsa (Treatment of Hyperlipdemi) 
(xii) Data Base: Free Ayurvedic Clinic: Building data base for creating evidence on Ayurvedic medicines is a major work which deserves our attention. I-SERVE established an Ayurvedic Research Centre for this purpose in February 2006 and to support this Research Center, a FREE AYURVEDIC DISPENSARY is being run since then.

R&D Papers on Aurveda

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