I-SERVE has designed an organizational structure that is suitable to carry out the activities that are predominantly involved in the execution of the project. Considering the nature and range of activities to be undertaken, their geographic spread, the kind of personnel needed for the organization and their nature of association being contemplated with I-SERVE, it is proposed to establish an office at Hyderabad as its Head Quarters (H.Q).

And it is proposed to set up all branch offices gradually in a phased manner at some of the important locations in India/ abroad according to a plan of action consistent with the overall strategy of implementation of the project.



The Chairman and Managing Trustee is based at the Head Quarters, duly assisted by a Manager, Accountant, Assistants and other supportive staff to carry out the administrative chores at the H.Q. as well as to coordinate and control the branch network. The search Groups as well as the study Groups also function under the overall supervision and guidance of the Chairman.

The Head Quarters is conducting seminars, workshops, conferences etc. and publishes papers, booklets and books resulting from the research study. The H.Q. is equipped with computers, printers, fax, scanners and other appropriate furniture and fixtures to operate efficiently and effectively. A huge library consisting of more than 10,000 books and manuscripts is well managed at the H.Q


BRANCHES: In May 2009, the first chapter of I-SERVE was inaugurated at New Delhi under the leadership of Smt Saroj Bala,IRS(Rtd), formerly a member of CBDT, Govt. of India, New Delhi and a Director of I-SERVE

In 6th July 2010, the second chapter of I-SERVE was inaugurated at Tirupati under the leadership of Prof. D. Peramma, Professor (Rtd), S.V.University, Tirupati. In 18th August 2011, the third chapter of I-SERVE was inaugurated at Visakhapatnam under the leadership of Sri S.M. Mahesh Kumar, Managing Director, Universal Consultancy Services, Visakhapatnam

I-SERVE Library: •I-SERVE library consists of more than 10,000 books and Manuscripts.

•A Book is the real temple of Goddess Saraswati. Those who share a book by way of a photocopy or softcopy are really multiplying the value of the book. We appeal to the general public to multiply the value of the ancient manuscript available with them by providing a copy to I-SERVE. I-SERVE will see that the wisdom emboid in the book reaches the whole universe. Passing on information on the availability of such ancient manuscripts to I-SERVE a is great service.

Ayurvedic Dispensary: •I-SERVE runs Free Ayurvedic Dispensary everyday at its premises Weekdays – 6pm to 9pm Monthly : A free Ayurvedic Medical Camp

FUTURE PLAN : I-SERVE is proposing to acquire suitable land and building in Hyderabad so that various faculties could be honsed in a single complex and evolve itself into a full fledged University on ancient Indian sciences, for the purpose of propagating academic programmes and R&D activities in the above field.