The project envisages the collection of all ancient Indian scientific texts and their study with a scientific view. Research will be directed towards identifying appropriate tools, techniques and knowledge in the areas of medicine, agriculture, mathematics, energy, minerals & metals and other related fields of contemporary interest. I-SERVE intends to make such knowledge available to the world as an alternative approach to development and progress.

Speedy progress can be achieved through cheap and inexpensive technologies that can address the most pressing problems confronting the human race, ranging from object poverty afflicting billions of people across continents to acute ecological problems which are threatening the very existence of human race.

The scope of the project involves combing the whole country for scriptures and scholars and to extract the scientific information from the relevant portions of texts in the chosen fields of study. It involves interaction and involvement of a wide array of experts such as engineers, scientists, technologists and specialists spread over India and abroad; to study the texts, extract the relevant material and subject them to scrutiny of experts, through group discussions and laboratory tests to establish their viability and validity. I-SERVE wants to contribute its humble mite to the serious, intractable and persistent problems confronting human race. It has absolute faith that our ancient scriptures have the answer and we do not have to reinvent the wheel. It would be India’s contribution to the world at this crucial time when civilization is at cross roads.

Approach to the Project:

I-SERVE intends to follow the process described below, broadly, as an approach to accomplish the objectives outlined earlier and consistent with the scope of the project.

• Preparing a list of the ancient scriptures, focusing on only those known for containing information on science and technology, locating them and collecting them in India and abroad

• Categorizing the collected scriptures on the basis of the field of study and having them scrutinized and studied by scholars with relevant expertise
• Ascertaining, authenticating, deciphering originality of the documents/books etc; and having them summarized in English,Hindi,Telugu or other local languages.
• Subjecting the content and its technical know-how to modern scientific knowledge and getting it evaluated by expert groups consisting of modern scientists/technologists/engineers and Sanskrit scholars.
• Testing the Vedic knowledge and technology wherever necessary at appropriate laboratories to determine the feasibility of products, processes or technologies.
• Preparing lexicons subject wise, containing all technical words in the scriptures, with relevant meanings in the modern context.
• Recording the information gathered to facilitate further study and investigation and to preserve the same for the posterity in order to permit further research in the future.
• Determining new products, process and technologies, which can be potentially adopted for widespread use in various sectors, industries and institutions in India and overseas.
• Spreading the knowledge, related to products and technologies for adoption in India and abroad, through various agencies, including state and central as well as, international ones.
• Tie ups with reputed academic Institutions, research organizations, universities etc to offer PhD Programs in Vedic Sciences and affiliated subjects is one of the long term objectives of I-SERVE.
• Developing courses on these subjects and giving training to different groups of students to raise them to the level of advanced research in these subjects also is envisaged in the scope of the project.
• Propagating Sanskrit language in general and scientific technical Sanskrit in particular is another step which is very essential to achieve the above objectives and hence I-SERVE takes this also into its scope.