• To identify, collect, categorize and study scriptures such as Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Shastras, Agamas, Tantras, Samhitas etc; scattered all over the country and the world; to unveil their scientific secrets and unravel their mysteries so that scientific wonders are discovered and shared with the entire humanity

• To decipher and discover the scientific theories, techniques and knowledge in several fields of study such as agriculture, medicine, energy, minerals and metals, mathematics etc. which were the foundation of the Vedic civilization that was highly advanced and scientifically developed.

• To provide a platform for individual scholars and groups, as well as, institutions involved in Vedic studies and coordinating and cooperating with them in their endeavors and utilize their energies and resources to supplement and support our efforts in the discovery of suitable scientific knowledge useful to modern society.

• To explore and identify the potential technologies pregnant with possibilities of application to the most pressing problem faced by current society, in areas such as, environmental degradation, pollution, poverty, malnutrition, widespread diseases etc; to improve the standard of life, for the common man and make life safer and secured.

• To disseminate information on the products, processes and technologies found feasible for adoption by various sectors, societies, cultures and countries and encourage the intervention and initiative of state, central and international agencies to popularize their adoption in the areas concerned.

• To directly and indirectly arouse interest in the Vedas and Vedic culture in India and around the world, more importantly, in the scientific community and to explore the depths of Vedas, not only for scientific solutions, but also for, ancient wisdom, heralding worldwide interest in India’s culture, its traditions and its attainments in the spiritual and material fields.

• To utilize scientific tools for the purpose of reconstructing the History of ancient Indian civilization & culture, to arrive at undisputed conclusions.

The achievement of these objectives is possible only when learned Scholars of Indian scriptures, modern Scientists, Sanskrit Scholars, University Professors and many others from different walks of life come forward to work together, think together and analyze together. The nectar that comes out of such an intellectual churning should benefit the entire Humanity