I-SERVE is a magnificent project, churning out the essence of scriptures such as the Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Shastras, and Agamas, for the benefit of mankind. This outstanding project is extensive in nature and requires your generous support. It is “You” who can make I-SERVE achieve its objectives and make it reach newer heights. We appeal to all our patrons and sympathizers to donate liberally to the Institute I-SERVE and encourage the pious research work being undertaken by it.


You can extend your support in three ways:

•Support on book search activity
*Support on book study activity
•Offering monetary support

SUPPORTING BOOK SEARCH ACTIVITY: The research work undertaken by I-SERVE encompasses many areas of study, ranging from agriculture to aeronautics. This is a challenging task and needs whatever help it can get. We appeal to scholars, researchers, modern scientists, technical experts and computer engineers, whether retired or working, to offer their valuable services to I-SERVE to enable it to fulfill its noble objectives and contribute to the cause of promoting the well being of the humanity.

The institute of SERVE is an organization, which is striving to serve the entire Humanity, without barricades of caste, creed, religion etc. It deserves the support of intellectuals and philanthropists like you. You can support our endeavor of book search and book study activities in your areas.

1. By providing copies or originals of the old Scientific Manuscripts, if you have any with you or if you find any such books available in the library’s in your vicinity and help I-SERVE in studying it.

2. By Encouraging others to do so.

3. By providing relevant information to I-SERVE.

For more information on how you could do this, please get in touch with us on vedakavi@serveveda.org



Another way you can become part of this noble project is by offering monetary support. I-SERVE is depending entirely on voluntary donations. So it is “you” who can make a positive difference to the unwavering efforts of I-SERVE and to the world we live in. We make an earnest appeal to the scholars and philanthropists, individuals and institutions, to encourage I-SERVE by generously supporting its endeavors to serve humanity at large. Please come forward and offer whatever monetary support you can.

1. You can contribute to the Monthly Maintenance Fund (MMF) to I-SERVE by donating Rs 150 /- ($10) per month regularly.

2. You can contribute to the Yearly Maintenance Fund (YMF) to I-SERVE by donating Rs 1500 /-($100) per Annum regularly.

3. You can become a Life member of I-SERVE by contributing Rs. 15000/- and above.

4. You can Sponsor the salary of a staff member at I-SERVE.

5. You can Sponsor or Co-sponsor any of the R&D Projects of I-SERVE.

6. You can Sponsor or Co-sponsor a Conference,Seminar or Workshop of I-SERVE.

7. You can Contribute in any manner which suits your planning.



1. 30% discount on all the publications of I-SERVE will be allowed for MMF and YMF and Life member contributors.

2. For those who contribute more than Rs.50,000/- at a time, all the publications available at that time will be gifted free of cost.(Non-Residential donors have to bear the postal expenses).They can insert an Advertisement in one of the next conference volumes of I-SERVE, free of cost. Their names will be displayed at the venues of that particular conference of I-SERVE.

3. All the donors will receive regular update about the activities of I-SERVE through E-mails.

All contributions/donations made to I-SERVE are exempted from Income Tax -

1. U/s. 80(G)(5)(vi), Vide Letter No. DIT(E)/Hyd/42(04)/80G/06-07 dated: 26.09.2006. Extension Letter No. DIT(E)/80G Confirmations/10-11, dated 24.2.2011.

2. U/s 35 (1)(II) of I.T Act. (Note : All income tax assesses would be eligible to weighted deduction upto 1.75 times of the sums donated to I-SERVE.

Indian Residents can send their donations in the form of cheques or demand drafts (DDs) favoring I-SERVE payable at Hyderabad or can make online transfer to Axis Bank Account number 235010100139359 (Code No. IFSC: UTIB0000235), Dilsukhnagar branch and people can also contribute to the Delhi Chapter of I-SERVE through New Delhi,Diplomatic Enclave Branch, Canara Bank account number 0157101026726 (Code No. IFSC : CNRB0000157).
Non Resident Indians (NRIs) can utilize wire transfer facility. The following are the details for the same.Wire Transfer of Funds (USD) Payments should be made – CHASE MANHATTAN BANK (SWIFT CHASUS33)(PAYMENT SHOULD BE ROUTED EITHER VIA CHIPS ABA 0002 Or FED ABA 021000021)For credit to 0011407376 AXIS BANK LTD (SWIFT – AXISINBB) MUMBAI For further credit to AXIS BANK LTD Hyderabad SWIFT: AXISINBB008 Ultimate Beneficiary A/c No: 909010039494633

Name : SERVE, Address: 11-13-279, Road No. 8, Alakapuri, Hyderabad – 500102 Ph: 91-40-24035013; E-mail: vedakavi@serveveda.org; vedakavi@gmail.com; Web: www.serveveda.org.

New Delhi Chapter (Branch Office) C-6/302,Clarion the Legend, Sector 57, Gurgaon,New Delhi 122011; Mob : 09958008787; E-mail : sarojbala044@gmail.com


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