One day Workshop and Farmers Training Programme on

“Natural Farming Methods and present adoptability


I-SERVE organized a workshop and training programme on Ancient natural Farming Technologies and their adaptability at Gudur, Nellore District, A.P. from 9.30 Am to 2.30 Pm on 26.04.2016

The following faculty participated in the meet

  1. Prof. K. Srinivasa Reddy (Rtd) Soil Scientist and coordinator I-SERVE Agriculture programmes
  2. Prof. D. Peramma (Rtd) Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati.
  3. Sri Gangireddy & Sri Kotireddy, President, Nellore District Farmers Association
  4. Sri Ravindra Reddy Organic farmer, Gudur.

Prof. D. Peramma elaborated the need of switching over to the organic farming, the nutrition values of organic farming products. The women participation in the organic farming is a vital role as a House wife and producing nutritional product to the families. She was happy that women participation in the programme and congratulated them. She also spoke on the efforts of I-SERVE in promoting the Training programmes to farmers and requested that farmers must take the advantage of Prof. Srinivasa Reddy.

Prof. K. Srinivasa Reddy has given an elaborative talk on the methods of usage of Vrikshayurveda.

For certain crops, he also mentioned that some of the points adopted in the Surapala’s Virkshayuveda may not be relevant to the present day and economy. For that the modern scientists have advised the necessary substitutes which can be used for the success of organic farming techniques. He also presented various methods and applications with reference to the Vrikshayurveda. He also presented the various plants that are related to  Twenty Seven stars that are to be planted for better results. And also mentioned various Rasi structures with relates to plant growing phenomena. For any assistance on the natural farming, I-SERVE and himself will provide the necessary help. He requested the ryots to be active in providing the practical experiences so that the information can be shared with other farmers and also shared his views in promotion of Organic Farming. He also said that with the local available  sources and with zero expenditure one can adopt natural Green Agricultural methods to preserve the soil health and strength and this protects the environment also.  The panchabhutas water, air, fire, earth, sky should be protected from the pollution, he said.

He mentioned that with very less investment high quality agricultural products can be produced with high nutrients. He gave several methods to achieve this.

Shri Rajendra Reddy, Agricultural scientist and organic farmer from   Tottambedu spoke on the occasion and said that he is practicing the organic farming methods in his 20 acres field and at the initial stages people used to criticize him. But later they realize that organic farming gives good results. He mentioned that the carbon percentage with the earth is reduced to 0.5% which should be 2% due to chemicals and the seeds cannot be grown with this situation in Punjab. But Milk is mixed with 100 lts of water can be used for white bugs. The expenditure will be R. 100/- only.

Sir Kotireddy spoke on this occasion and appealed  all the farmers should form as a team in co-operative system .

Shri B.V. Raman said that if the present situation continues, by 2050 the fields will become more unproductive. Hence it is advised to go for organic farming.

About 60 farmers attended the workshop and shared their views and problems.

The meeting closed at 2.30 Pm.

Report by

Sri K.V.R.S. Murty

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