PostHeaderIcon I-SERVE Evening Workshop of Astronomical Meteorology Experts in Regards to Rain Mapping Project

Title:  “Evolvement of Knowledge of Meteorology since Vedic Times” Date and Time: Sunday May 01, 2016 5.30PM to 8.30PM Venue: I-SERVE Library cum Lecture Hall, Alakapuri, Hyderabad

Prof. K V Krishna Murthy, Chairman, I-SERVE welcomed the Professionals in the field of Astrological studies and Meteorology studies. He expressed his  desire to  make the project of Rain mapping, weather forecast,  by, using the astrological data  since the Vedic periods, to the present by collaborating with the meteorology science  thus arriving  the forecasting programmes  at least for the  states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh  and also to the country as a whole, in future  study. He also narrated the works pertaining to this particular project and the serious efforts of Dr GV Rama since last three years and appreciated Shri. J.S. Sastry for Joining in this project study as an astrological expert. He invited Other experts Dr. S. Kamalakar Sharma,  Osmania University,  and other experts to join the stream  for  making  the project a successful attempt.

Dr GV Rama  presented  his talk on “ Evolvement of Knowledge of Meteorology Since Vedic Times”  With his LCD  slide projections he  has given a wide picture of  Meteorological functions in ISRO satellite launch programmes. He, as Principle scientist in the forecasting issues before a satellite is  being launched, provided excellent  theoretical and  practical application methodologies  for the success of each launching.

One such satellite launching was on 28April 2008 where there was a threat of severe cyclone from the South east, which he forecasted with his Meteorological calculations. Surprisingly, one astrological expert also gave the same prediction, basing on his astrological studies. This aroused great enthusiasm in Dr. G.V. Rama. Later he has given his scientific inputs for about 25 such launch vehicles.  He also projected and explained how the International scientists are using the Meteorological and astrological data for the weather forecast. He said that this type of project with the involvement of astrologers and Meteorologists will help the country and society. He also mentioned the day to day data that can be obtained from the IMD website for preparation of planetary software and a combined work. With more professionals involvement in the project and he offered his service for the success of the project.

Shri P. Bala sunderam explained his work in the field of Astrological data collections, Planet positions and happenings  and he has the data  for more than 100 years up to 2000 AD and he is in need of the data 2000 to 2016. He is in contact with IMD  but due to  the usual official delays he could not get the data on time and he is pursuing.

Shri J. S. Sastry  explained how to go about the project and  the need of  having the project team. He said that the selected topics and areas are to be entrusted to each member in the project. The collected information can be shared and by mutual discussions and meetings the data can be consolidated to arrive at a solution. As many of the intellectuals have the access to the computers and wifi, the task may not be difficult.  Hence the project team is to be formed at the earliest by identifying more experts.

Dr. S. Kamalakar Sharma, Asst. Professor Osmania University, spoke on how our ancient samethalu (Proverbs) were created and there is a meaning for each of the proverb. Especially for the rains, there are many such proverbs and these will also help in the Research findings. One Vice chancellor of a University in Maharashtra has written a book on the forecasting of Rains and weather and this book can be studied and used. There are a number of clues   used in the olden eras  and these will be helpful for us also. He also recommended that  sufficient data can be generated  by collecting  Library editions  in Vedic and allied books in various languages which gives the information on the forecasting  events in rain and weather and he  said he will provide his help and there should be a project planning assigning  particular job to each member of the project team. He also mentioned that when once the data is built I-SERVE can approach Government grants like “Disaster Management Fund” or similar agencies.

Shri K.V.R.S. Murthy proposed vote of thanks for the members present for sharing their views and methodologies. He mentioned if a preliminary data is obtained, I-SERVE can have a one day conference to get more ideas and plans for making a proposal for Government Grants.

The meeting closed at 8.30 PM.

Report By
Sri. K.V.R.S. Murthy.


1.      Prof. K.V. Krishna Murty, Chairman, I-SERVE
2.      Dr. Rama G.V, Formerly Scientist ISRO
3.      Sri. K.V.R.S. Murty, Director, I-SERVE
4.      Dr. Sagi Kamalkara Sharma, Asst. Professor, O.U.
5.      Sri. P. Bala Sundaram,
6.      Dr. S. Padmini, Rtd. Principal, V.M.V.
7.      Sri. M. Sri Ram Murthy
8.      Mrs. Asha
9.      Sri. J. Somanath Sastry
10.    Sri. M.L. Ananda Swamy
11.    Mrs. Lalitha Srihari
12.    Sri. B. Umamaheswara Rao
13.    Sri. K. Vinod Kumar

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