PostHeaderIcon Report on the Two day National Seminar on “Potential Concepts and Practices in Ayurveda” conducted by I-SERVE at Hyderabad during 21st and 22nd September 2015.

Report on the Two day National Seminar on “Potential Concepts and Practices in Ayurveda” conducted by I-SERVE at Hyderabad during 21st and 22nd September 2015. I-SERVE conducted the above seminar in the Sri Venkateswara Temple Hall, at Saroornagar, Hyderabad. Arround 200 invited speakers, paper presenters and delegates drawn from five States viz., Telangana, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh participated in the seminar. The Inaugural Session started at 10 A.M on 21st September. The Divine Guest to this session, H.H. Sri Datta Vijayananda Tirtha Swamiji of Avadhootha Datta Peetham Mysore, lit the lamp and blessed the seminar to start its proceedings. In his benedictory address he spoke about the increasing importance of Ayurveda, world over. He spoke briefly about the Ayurvedic Services rendered by Datta Peetham at Mysore. He also appreciated the self less activities of I-SERVE and he added that every year a conference is being conducted by I-SERVE during his Chaturmasya Dikha Days and this year, it is on Ayurveda. Prof. K.V. Krishna Murty, who presided over the session, explained the R&D activities and service activities of I-SERVE, which came into existence with the divine blessings of Parama Pujya Sri Ganapathi Sachidananda Swamiji. He said that even though I-SERVE is working on several branches of Vedic Sciences, Ayurveda is on the top of its priorities. He gave a call to all the Ayurvedicians to equip themselves with positive concepts and practices to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, for keeping the mankind more healthy. He also advised the Ayurvedic practiciners to bring back fading out Ayurvedic practices like Khaara Sutra, Naadi Pariksha and so on. The seminar volume of the seminar, which contained the nine invited speeches and abstracts of the 44 research papers, was released by Dr. R. Vidyanath, Guest of honor of the Session. The C.D. containing all the above items along with full text of all the research papers was released by Dr. N. Anjaneya Murty, the Chief Guest of the Session. This CD was gifted to all the delegates, free of cost. Dr. Madan Mohan Pande, Secretary, Sri Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Sansthana, Hyderabad campus, also participated in the session as a Guest of Honour. The Technical sessions of the seminar started with the key note address of Dr.Anjaneya Murty, Proffessor, Sri Sri Ayurveda College, Bangalore. He initiated the deliberations of this great seminar with the following thoughts provoking words – “Scientific Deliberations over todays topic, “Potential Concepts and Practices in Ayurveda” is the need of the hour. Ayurveda has the potential to become Global Medical System. By churning of Ksheera Samudra we got amruta; similarly by churning the ocean of Ayurvedic knowledge, we can get Ayurveda modulated to the present generation without sacrificing the basic tenets. Satisfactory treatment is available only for 1/3 of the known ailments. Many diseases like Cancer, AIDS, Senile dementia, Auto immune diseases etc., escape satisfactory treatment. Disease causing organisms continue to develop resistance to known medicines. “So proper systematic, scientific screening of the knowledge base in Ayurveda will provide new armaments for prevention of diseases and cure of curable diseases. Following thoughts can help in finding priority areas for research.” Later on he listed a number of research topics in Kaya Chikistsa, Panchakarma, Stree Roga and Bala Roga, Rasayana, Nidana, Salya, Dravya Guna and Rasa Sastra, all of which are important branches of Ayurvedic Studies. Then followed the 1st technical session which was chaired by Dr. JSRA Prasad, HOD, Dept. of Sanskrit Studies, University of Hyderabad. Then were eight technical session in total. In each session there was an invited speech followed by five or six research papers. The invited speaker of the previous session was the chair person of the next session. Thus on the whole there were 44 research papers and apart for this Dr. Ashok Kumar Tiwari of IICT, Hyderabad, presented a nice paper on “Diet and Diabetics in Ayurveda” on 21st sept and Dr. K. Nagaiah of IICT, Hyderabad, presented a beautiful paper on “Recent Trends of Modern Drug Discovery Research – Inter relationship with Herbal Medicines”. Another five scientists from CSIR – IICT participated as delegates in the Seminar. IICT Co-sponsored this seminar. For the benefit of those who are interested in the content of the Seminar, we are providing the captions of the invited speeches of the Seminar, at the end of this report. Those who are interested in the full papers, can get the seminar volume from I-SERVE office. At 4: 30 P.M on 22nd Sept, the valedictory function started. Sri. N.V.S.S. Prabhakar, MLA and BJP Floor Leader, Telangana was the Chief Guest while Dr. Kotturu Shetty of Ron, Karnataka was the Guest of Honor. Prof. K.V. Krishna Murty, Chairman, I-SERVE, presided over the session. Dr. N. Anjaneya Murty reviewed the proceedings of the two day seminar. Several participants from different states expressed happiness about the educative sessions and fine arrangements of the seminar. Sri Prabhakar, MLA and Chief Guest, in his inspiring speech said that all other systems of medicine, in one way or the other, are coming to the Ayurveda system only for final rescue. He quoted the examples of recommending yoga, physiotherapy, Diet Control etc., which are being recently recommended by modern physicians. He also said that worldwide interest on Ayurveda is increasing day by day and the future opportunities of Ayurveda are very bright. He said that he will use his good offices, to take the recommendations of this seminar to the attention of the Government and to see that they are implemented properly. Participation Certificates were issued to all the speakers and delegates of the seminar and the seminar came to conclusion at 05: 30 P.M by singing the National Anthem. Details of the Guest Speakers: Guest Speech -1 Dr. P. Srikanth Babu, Hyderabad Potential Concepts and Practices of Ayurveda – A Kayachikistha Perspective Guest Speech -2 Dr. Sivaram Prasad, Wardha Proclaims and Reclaims of Panchakarma Guest Speech -3 Dr. A. Sulochana, Hyderabad The Potential Concepts and Practices in Stree Roga Guest Speech -4 Dr. D. Vijaya Ganeshwara Reddy, Vijayawada, Concept of Rasayana Guest Speech -5 Dr. M. Srinivasulu, Bidar Potential Concepts in Nidana and Their Significance in Clinical Practice Guest Speech – 6: Dr. M. Gurumurthy, Hyderabad Potential Concepts And Practices In Ayurveda (W.S.R to Shalya Tantra) Guest Speech – 7: Dr. M.Paramkusha Rao, Tirupati Prospective and Prominent Features of Dravyaguna -The Back Bone of Ayurveda Guest Speech – 8: Dr. P. H. C. Murthy, Vijayawada Potential Concepts Of Rasashastra.

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