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Stephen Hawking, The scientist, theoretical physist , cosmologist, general relativity and Quantum Theory  expert in Cambridge University, U.K. has referred the Vedic science books authored by Dr. Sivarambabu (Organizing secretary, I-SERVE) and said that Vedas might have a theory superior to Einstein’s law E=MC2. His statement on this subject is reproduced below.
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November 10, 2011 at 5:56am  
Vedas might have a theory superior to Einstein’s law E=MC2
Te Satapatha Brahmana 7-1-2-23 and Gayatri Mantra talk about Universe being threefold (triloka): Prithvi (Earth), Antariksha (the space in between) and Dayu (Heaven). Krishna Yajurveda 23.12 (7-4-45) 43 Pannam-18th Anuvakam-45th Panasa suggests the existence of a softer intermediate space called Pilipila. Modern science says the matter and energy are interchangeable but the Vedic science says there is Pilipila in between the two.(Ref: Modern Science in Vedas- 1 and 2 by Dr. Sakamuri sivaram Babu and Arjunadevi-Guntur-A.P.India published in 2007). Both Vedic and modern science agree upon a continuous dance of creation and annihilation of particle energy everywhere in the universe – Siva tandavam as per Hindu mythology, Rigveda discusses this cycle in detail.

Vedic View: The Universe rotates, shaped like an egg.
Modern View: The Universe is still and it resembles the surface of a sphere.

McCauley’s Educational Act of India (dated Feb 2nd 1854) aims at transforming Indians to be English in taste, morals and opinion. I strongly feel the process of westernization has brought about a psychological slavery among Indians who’d opt to be Engineers rather than Vedic scholars, given a choice.
To conclude, Vedas are a vast storehouse of knowledge, abundant information and solutions waiting to be discovered by dedicated youngsters.     -     We are herewith attaching one more novel paper by the same Dr. Sivarambabu for the benefit of our members, who are interested in the Vedic theories of cosmology.  

“The World Beyond Fermions” (Vedic Model)

  Dr. Sivarambabu presented an invited paper in the 2nd International Congress on Advanced Materials (AM 2013) at Jaingsu University, Jaingsu, China, in association with University of Jinan, East China University of Science and Technology. Hengyang Normal University, China during May 2013. The conference was attended by Noble Laureates apart from other scientific professionals in the modern sciences. Later the paper was published in the Avagadro Journal of chemistry 1(2)(2013), 7-12. during September 2013.

Here is letter to and response from Dr Stephen Hawking :

Letter to Dr Hawking

Response from Dr Hawkings

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