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The Book seeks to answer following questions-
 1.  Is it time to rewrite the true history of the world, particularly of the Indian subcontinent, on purely scientific basis ignoring the linguistic guesswork and the religious beliefs?
 2. Can the Planetary Configurations mentioned in Vedas, Epics and other ancient books be used to determine the exact dates of events mentioned therein?
 3. Was Lord Ram a real historical character? If yes, when did he travel from Ayodhya to Sri Lanka to bring succor to millions of innocent and suffering Indians?
 4. Do the planetary references in Valmiki Ramayan refer to the exclusive sky views, generated by planetarium software, seen sequentially around 5000 BC?
 5. Was Ramsethu a walkable bridge in 5000 BC as per sea level curve prepared by the oceanographers of the world?
6. Do the recent archaeological excavations in Sringaverpura, Allahabad, Lahuradeva, Jhussi and Mehrgarh etc. support the references to flora, fauna and weaponary in Ramayan?
7. Does the description of some unique places referred to in Ramayan match the geographic and geological features of some recently discovered places like Kotumsar caves in Dandak Van and caves of Chitrakoot.
8. Are some of the plants, trees and herbs referred to in Ramayan found in existence in India continuously during last more than 5000 tears?
9. Did Saraswati River actually flow from the Himalayas to the Sea and was it really a mighty river in 5000 BC?

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