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Workshop and Farmers Training Programme on

“Natural Farming Methods and present adaptability at Govada village, Amruthalur Mandal, Tenali, Guntur District,

Andhra Pradesh on 08th June, 2016

I-SERVE, Hyderabad, has organized the above workshop in association with the  organic farming farmers in the village Govada, Amurhalur Mandal, Tenali, Guntur District, A.P

  The following Faculty participated in the work shop:

1. Prof. K. Srinivasa Reddy, Agriculture University (R), Tirupati.

2. Sri K.V.R.S. Murthy, Hon. Director, I-SERVE, Hyderabad.

3. Sri Rajesh Kumar, Director Saral Jeevan Foundation, Hyderabad.

4. Sri Alapati Subhash Chandrabose,  organic farmer Govada

5. Sri A. Balakrishna,   Organic Farmer, Govada.

Shri. K.V.R.S. Murthy chaired the session.

Sri Subhash chanda bose has welcomed  I-SERVE and   all the organic farmers for the session and requested the farmers to learn more from the experts present for better results in organic farming.

Sri A.Balakrishna, addressing the ryots, mentioned about the Govada village and its significance in the natural farming. Govada,  the name  it self arrived at Govula vaada,  has 100 years of village formation by  Sri Alapati Suryanarayana and he got recognitions from Government in those days, and was a pioneer since 1930 and in the old  Madras state.   That agriculture development, using the natural resources, is still being adopted in the village by many of the farmers. He expressed his concern  that farmers are not getting any help from the Government resources in terms of quality control, marketing and better price for the products and this needs to be strengthened for better organic farming results.

Shri KVRS Murthy, in his presidential key note address, referred to the natural farming in Rig-Veda, Adharva veda, Ramayana and Mahabharata and the references in the Brihat samhitha, Koutilya Arthsastra,  the products used, crops and the rotations and the happiness of the people of those days, which our people adopted upto recent past. Shri Murthy mentioned that I-SERVE is making the efforts to bring this knowledge to the farmers by workshops, seminars, trainings ancient literature survey and books in easy way so that the knowledge is reached to the users.

Prof. K. Srinivasulu Reddy has given an elaborative talk on the methods of usage of Vrikshayurveda.

For certain crops, he also mentioned that some of the points adopted in the Surapala’s Vrikshayurveda may not be relevant to the present day and economy. For that the modern scientists have advised the necessary substitutes   which can be used for the success of organic farming techniques. Reacting to the farmers interactions he explained how to make the organic fertilizers and pesticides with reference to the Dhanya Gavayamu, Kunapa Jalam with herbs and Cow dung based pesticide. He also said the better seeds can be prepared from farmers himself and precautions to be taken in preparing the seeds. He was concerned about absence of Earth warms (Valapamulu) in many agricultural fields and farmers must try to prepare earth warms sources and also make Vermi Compost which can be used as Organic Fertilizer. The earth warms are available with Dept. of Agriculture and private agencies for use. Later Prof Reddy has given lot of tips in making good fertilizers from Fish residues fertiliser, Tobacco residues as pesticide, Banana stems, Eggshells and many waste products utilization for pesticides and fertilizers.

Sri Rajesh Kumar spoke on  Rain water harvesting methods. He further stated that all the farmers must farm as groups to help each other specially small farmers for better benefits He expressed is concern that the soil is degraded miserably due to chemical fertilizer use citing the example that the rate of chemicals use increased by 15 to 20 times more since 1960 for the same areas of coverage. Sri Rajesh also provided  a  very good point  on marketing issues which  should be appreciated   by the organic farmers, One establishment in Hyderabad by Name ARMY  is procuring the organic products at Ryots place giving 10 percent more price than market value .Farmers who like to make this opportunity may contact him for arranging the marketing.

There is lots of interaction from the Farmers. Sri Mandav Madhava Rao who is in organic farming  since last 20 years  expressed the concerns in Quality Controls, adaptability, marketing,. recognition’s of Natural farming farmers which needs to be  addressed  with Government and allied agencies. The valid points are when once a farmer shifted to organic farming its results very immediately  or what is the time for soil upgradation time for good results. Prof. Reddy explained that it take three years to soil get the soil richness which again depends on how much chemicals one has used. The Farmers can declare the products as first year, second year  and so on production for a good quality control declarations.

Sri K Prasada Rao is an organic Vegetable farmer. He started the natural farming adoption since last 20 years .He started this with a pilot project with Brinjals (Vankaya)farming and he is popularly Known as “Vankayala Prasad”  He said that Brinjal is one vegetable which attracts lots of pests  and tegullu.  He tried  natural pesticides for  Brinjal and if Brinjal can survive with natural pesticide any other  vegetable can be grown using the natural pesticides and has wonderful experiences in his farms including paddy fields. He mentioned that he is very very happy farming  with the organic farming including marketing, price, distribution and Quality. He is also distributor the natural  fertilizers and pesticides and one who cultivate by using the natural pesticides and fertilizers will defiantly gets the fruits even though there will be initial constrains which are common.

Sri Srungarapu Rama Koteswara Rao of Edavalli village  is in the organic farming since several years for his 8 acres land with paddy production and he shared his views in the betterment of natural farming adoptions which are definitely  the success stories to farmers with the adoption

Later Sri Subhas Chandrabose shared their  farming patterns by showing their Cow shed and the treatment provided  to the Animals, which a part of Natural farming. He has Ongole breed cows and  buffellows. The cowshed is protected with Mosquito net  a fans for the animals which is appreciable.

Sri Pavuluri Nageswara Rao , an educationalist and a farmer  also participated

About 50 farmers attended the meeting and interacted in the work shop and the workshop is quite successful in terms of good interactive sessions and adaptability

The meeting concluded at 3.00PM with the vote of thanks  

Report by  

Sri K.V.R.S. Murthy                                                                           Hon. Director(Research), I-SERVE 

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