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PostHeaderIcon Report on “National Seminar on the “Excellence of Ancient Indian Mathematics”

Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas (I-SERVE) conducted a one day National Seminar on the above subject on 30th August 2015 in the Meeting Hall of Sri Venkateswara Degree College of Commerce, in which around 200 participants, drawn from various colleges and schools of Hyderabad have participated as delegates.

The Inaugural Session started at 10: 30A.M, in which Dr. C. Goverdhan, Coordinator, Computer science, Dept. of mathematics, Osmania University, was the Chief Guest and Sri. N.V.S.S. Prabhakar, M.L.A was the Special Guest.

Prof. K.V. Krishna Murty, Chairman, I-SERVE, who presided over this session, explained the motive behind the Seminar and the verity of activities undertaken by I-SERVE.

Then Prof. C. Goverdhan, the Chief Guest, in his brief speech, glorified the ancient Indian Mathematicians for their unparalleled achievements like the invention of zero, the decimal system of numbers and many more.

Then the Special Guest Sri NVSS Prabhakar, MLA & BJP Floor Leader, Telangana State, absorbed the audience by his inspiring speech. Basically being an engineer, Sri Prabhakar spoke about many scientific achievements of ancient India. He said that Aryabhata was the 1st scientist who declared that the earth was round and hence the eclipses are being formed. Even our Puranas mentioned that the earth was a globe. He also said that Nala and Nila of Ramayana were great engineers, with profound knowledge of Fluid Mechanics. That is why they were successful in constructing a bridge from Rameswaram to Sri Lanka. Our present youth are excelling in the I.T. field and space technology, but they should know that the space technology and air craft technology were available in Ramayana period itself, the MLA said. His speech was well received by the audience, particularly by the large number of students.

Then Sri Sudhakar Reddy, The mentor of Sri Venkateswara Degree College of Commerce, who participated in the session as a Guest of Honor, expressed his happiness and gratitude that such a great event is taking place in his premises.

By 11:30 A.M the 1st technical session was started and this was chaired by Dr. Nagalakshmi, Principal, Green Goble International School, Hyderabad.

The Key Note address was delivered by Sri. Shriran Chouthai wale, from Yavatmal, near Nagpur.

Sri Chouthai wale reviewed the history and achievements of Ancient Indian Mathematicians of a period of more than five thousand years. He mentioned about the mathematics related to the Yagna Saalaas (Fire alter houses) which was available in the Vedas and in Sulba Sutras. He also mentioned that the Sulba Sutras of Bodhyana, Aapastamba, Maanava, Vaadhuula and Kaatyaayana only are available today, while many other were lost. He proceeded to explain that there were complicated geometrical constructions and equations such as constructing different geometrical shapes like rectangles, squares, triangles, circles, polygons etc., all with equal area. Then he proceeded further to explain the major achievements of Aryabhata, Bhaskara, Sridhara, Mahavira, Brahmagupta, Varahamihira, Nararyana Pandita, Daivagna, Madhava etc., in the fields of arithmetics, algebra and geometry. He explained that several centuries after their findings, mathematicians of other continents reinvented them. He stressed that the use of zero was in voge prior to Aryabhata itself. Apart from this, he mentioned about the Trigonometrical tables, Solutions for algebraic equations, area of a rhombus with in a circle, constructing such a rhombus with sides of perfect integers, and many more.

The next presentation was by Prof. K.V. Krishna Murty on the topic “Is there Mathematics in Vedas?” He quoted several direct Vedic statements to prove that the Vedas contain indirect references for the existence of zero, direct references for the existence of a number system with base 10, for mathematical operations related to integrals and fractions, for squares and square roots of numbers, for series of numbers, formula to find the “nth” number of a series, etc. In geometry, there are references for several geometrical shapes and their mathematical operations, for three dimensional geometry, for astronomical mathematics etc., and this is apart from the mathematics that was kept in secret code language.

The next presentation was by Prof. G. Suresh Babu of C.B.I.T, Hyderabad on “Ganita Sara Sangraha” of Mahaviracharya. Prof. Babu explained that Mahaviracharya summarized several findings of his predecessors and provided profs for them, in a systematic way. The author elaborately described the arithmetic and geometric progressions, and also algebraic equations, squares, square roots, cubes and cube roots and many complicated arithmetical problems. Prof. Babu went on to prove that Mahavira exhibited extraordinary skills in giving mathematical examples and sums.

The next was the presentation by Dr. P. Satyanarayana Sarma of Vijayawada on “Understanding Lilavati Ganita”. Being a talented and experienced teacher of mathematics, Dr. Sarma took several examples from Lilavati Ganita to explain how Bhaskaracharya excelled both as a mathematician and as a poet. He took examples on progressions, neck less equations, complicated multi variable equations etc., from Lilavati and e>xplained in an intel resting way.

rd one by Prof. Gandikota Somayajulu, a reputed Rtd. Atomic scientist.

Then Several students from several colleges made brief paper presentations on Ancient Indian Mathematics. It is quite hearting to see the zeal exhibited by the young students in compiling relevant material from different sources.

The final item was Ganita Avadhanam by the students of Sri Madiraju Sitaramarao, which thrilled all the audience.Compeering for the entire Seminar was handled beautifully by Smt. P. Sarada, Principal, AMS Girls College, Hyderabad.

The Seminar concluded arround 05: 30 P.M by singing the national anthem.

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