[2022]Why China is not a part of the ISS?

Being one of the great space agencies worldwide, China is not a part of the ISS family, and by calling it the International Space Station, why countries like China or India are not a part of their missions.

Reasons why China is not a part of the ISS

The main reason China is not part of such a family is the ‘Bad Politics’. China always wanted to be a part of the international space station (ISS) committee and was willing to pay and work for it, but the US government passed a law that totally said that China is ‘an evil empire’ and closed all its doors to entering the ISS. This Law was passed by Frank Wolf [one of the politicians of the US] and made it all clear that China won’t work together on any subject that includes space. 

The wolf introduced this Law in the 2011 United States Federal budget that clearly mentioned that NASA or the White House Office of the science and technology won’t be allowed to join hands with China for the remainder of 2011.

Wolf clearly mentioned that China won’t be able to join hands with ISS, the US space agencies would not let China take full advantage of their technology, or they would have no gain from dealing with China.

The Law and the bad politics

China's Tiangong space station
Image From – China Manned Space Engineering Office

After the Wolf law, one of the highest rank NASA employees said that if China came to work with the US, he wouldn’t even buy a cup of coffee from the country.

This Law and this type of statement really started a heat inside China. If any country puts this kind of Law against you, of course, you won’t keep quiet.

The main insult to China that put them on burn was the Bo Jiang incident. Bo was a contractor who worked at NASA Langley. Wolf holds an interview in which he declares the security lapses regarding Bo. Bo was at the airport when he was caught in suspense. After his way to the office, wolf put a strict security check on Bo, which even included the server checks or the sum of the total amount checked of the NASA. 

After a strict check on Bo, he was finally released with any guilt found and was sent back to the country, but the laws and rules remained the same. Their employees and the contractors were a large number of foreigners who had to face a lot of problems due to this Law.

Now was the high time for China to give a serious answer to the US law that made them shamed around the world, China called back all their employees who were working at NASA and hired them into the Chinese space agency, and with the great employees present at their own country they created their own space station, that gave a tough competition to the US. China did not push any law around and allowed all countries to work with them. 

Not only China but Iraq presented also felt this US law, and the president of Iraq, Bush, made a Patriot Act permanently and opposed all the countries around the world strictly not to work with the US. 

After facing so many problems at a single time, China didn’t step back but moved two steps ahead and started its own Space station.

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Birth of Chinese Space Station

China's Tiangong space station
Image – Global Times

Being rejected from the ISS and even out of the European missions, China didn’t feel hard but started playing with themselves. They started building their own community and even gained with other countries who had to face racism with the US.

China didn’t take any help from other countries and started building their own manufacturing for the mission. The materials and the employees were all Chinese, and they built a community that was fully independent and without anyone’s favour.

China gets all the rights worldwide, which makes them equal with countries like the US or Canada. They are always treated like enemies or given a strict threat and they were never considered friends. This all heat up bust off and made china the strongest country having their own space station. 

When US made their own space station they welcomed all the countries around the world but not China. But when China built their own space station, it did not put any kinds of restrictions but welcomed all the countries around the world. This shows their very rich heart and they followed their ancient heritage to welcome and showed some kindness.

After the hard work among the people of China, they finally were ready with their First space station and named it Legacy Chang E’s residence.

This space station showed more powerful and advanced technology than the US space station and even got more attention around the world. They started building more space stations, launching more rockets and satellites to the sky, and even started a lot of new missions within their country.


Without the help of any outside people, China proved that they were the best among themselves and do not need any kind of donation or begging. They totally deserved the success they were losing due to evilism and racism around the country.

This totally showed that the goats move in troops but lion always walk alone, there is no power in the world that could stop you achieve your dream and reaching your target. In the end, those who walk alone with a great plan and independence have success.

After the launch of their first space station in 2012, China is working on building a space station that is so big that it could be visible from our naked eyes.

A lot of missions and satellite launches are done by China to build this space station.

The work of the Chinese space station has started and will be ready by 2030.

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